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I attended college in North Carolina and earned a degree in Criminal Justice. After college I enlisted in the Army. During my 21 year excursion as a professional Soldier; I was honored to be selected to work with the Army’s Inspector General Team (IG). During my 3 year tour with the IG Team; I worked complex investigations, many involving senior military personnel. After I retired from the Army; I worked in Afghanistan for over 3 years as an investigator. Once again I was faced with many complex investigations and the task of having to tell people they no longer had a job due to their actions. The Company I worked for invited me to come to Texas and work in the corporate office as a senior investigator. My passion lies in doing investigative work. Over the years I came to understand that during an investigation, my opinion rarely mattered. I became knowledgeable on how to provide “just the facts”. Once I settled in Texas and was finished with all the Army deployments, I told my commander (my wife) that I had often thought about what I wanted to do after the Army. I wanted to continue doing investigations. Realizing that I had a skill set that could help other people and businesses, I decided that skill set would be best utilized as a private investigator. My wife being the supportive soul mate that she is, said that sounded like a wonderful idea. Now we are the proud owners of KC Investigative Services. My wife and I understand the importance of providing accurate and timely facts. What truly separates our business from others is our care, commitment, and excellent customer service. To us customer service is the key. We often experience poor customer service from businesses we patronize and have vowed to treat each customer with the dignity and respect they deserve. At KC Investigations, you are not just a number; you are our priority.

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